WestCMR Women’s Leadership Spa Day!

Our CEO, Randy Ware, believes in recognizing hard work, and on Saturday, April 27, he did just that! With the men of extended leadership getting to ride together to Orlando for a Magic Game (in honor of Rob Law’s retirement), the women couldn’t imagine a way that their day could compete. Randy must have known this because he exceeded our expectations by giving the women of extended leadership a spa day!

What did this spa day include? Each woman was able to pick between multiple kinds of massages, as well as different specialty facials, and then either a scalp massage or a foot massage. Many of the women chose the Deep Tissue massage, which seemed to be a huge hit!

It can be difficult to juggle everyone’s day-to-day tasks, and Ware knew it was well-deserved to give the ladies a full day of relaxation! We met at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa at 11:30, with everyone’s first service starting at 12! With just a taste of the relaxation the rest of the day would bring, they headed to Fountain Grille for lunch. The meal and champagne were also provided by Randy, as he joined the women for lunch and shared some laughs while thanking them for all their hard work.

After lunch, everyone headed to the pool bar for a drink before their next 2 services. In between the upcoming services, they were allowed to explore the resort and relax. Most spent their free time in the sauna or steam room, which they could use until 10 PM that night.

Emily Stumpf says, “I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend this past Saturday with my colleagues and friends at the Safety Harbor Spa. It was a day filled with relaxation and bliss. We were treated with soothing massages and refreshing facials; each treatment was a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So lucky to be a part of a company that values their leadership team and acknowledges our dedication and hard work.”

Photography credits to Safety Harbor Spa’s website

83% of workers in the US struggle with work-related stress, according to a study done by The American Institute of Stress. While it can seem impossible to remove all of life’s stresses, we can learn to take moments throughout each week to relax and take care of ourselves. It’s an honor to have a CEO who takes care of his staff and an extended leadership team of outstanding women!