Community Service is at the Core of our Vision and Values

Charities We Support Include:

At WestCMR, we are committed to supporting the community we serve, because community service is at the core of our vision and values. It is because of our values as a company who cares, that we truly believe we have the power to transform lives in a very real way. 

Since we were founded in 1997, WestCMR has been dedicated to supporting causes such as sustaining the environment, and assisting children, animals, and the military in need. We also take great pleasure in impacting education, arts and culture, and community development through our philanthropic efforts. We remain committed to strengthening society by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to those who need it most.

Community Service is at the Core of our Vision and Values

Volunteer Time Off

WestCMR Cares
One of the ways WestCMR demonstrates its support, is through our Volunteer Time Off Program, also known as VTO. Through our VTO Program, we give each team member a few days off every year, to volunteer their time to help a local charitable organization.

We are very proud of our VTO program and our team members who donate their time to the community throughout the year.

See Our Team in Action

  • WestCMR wins Community Spirit Award
    Last week, AMPLIFY Clearwater, the greater Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, held its second annual Awarding Excellence in Entrepreneurship event. The theme was Stars Among Us, ...
  • Toast for a Cure
    This past Thursday I had the opportunity to attend A Toast for a Cure : Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation event with some of my amazing co-workers! The Crohn’s and Colitis ...
  • Feeding our hungry neighbors
    WestCMR employees receive two paid “Volunteer Time Off” (VTO) days every calendar year, as part of our benefits and perks package. Last week, a group of team members spend ...
  • Dunkin’ the boss for charity
    The end of Summer can mean many things, like back to school, wardrobe change, or the early arrival of pumpkin spice and all things Halloween. At WestCMR, the end of Summer is ...
  • You are exactly where you are supposed to be
    Back in June, WestCMR team member Al Rivera took his first Volunteer Time Off day of the year to accompany a group of young students to the Forward Conference in Atlanta, GA. ...
  • It’s okay not to be okay.
    We all love a well-kept secret; a place just under-the-radar enough that it doesn’t become too popular for our own enjoyment. But there are secrets worth sharing, and the ...