MedSurg Device resale industry leader WestCMR celebrates receipt of reimbursement monies from device manufacturer Arthrex

May 31, 2024 – Clearwater, Florida 

WestCMR Founder and CEO Randy Ware is thrilled to announce that WestCMR recently received the first installment of a portion of their legal expenses awarded by the court related to a nearly 8 year legal battle with Arthrex.  

A jury trial was held in February 2023 in St. Petersburg, Florida that has resulted in positively impacting and further protecting the MedSurg Device resale industry. Ultimately, it settled an eight-year dispute between West Coast Medical Resources, LLC (WestCMR), GeoSurgical, LLC and Arthrex, Inc. (Arthrex).

Ware is proud of this outcome after eight years of shouldering significant financial exposure and business losses due to Arthrex’s then ongoing opinions shared in the healthcare marketplace. “It was our position from day one that regardless of the pain or expense, we had to stand up to Arthrex, and protect the MedSurg Device resale industry,” says Ware.

As most may and should recall, it was in this trial that WestCMR’s nearly 27 year history and positive impact on the Healthcare landscape was validated and the jury determined that WestCMR had not harmed Arthrex in any way.  

Instead Arthrex’s litigation tactics were exposed and it was also established that Arthrex’s annual sales had grown from over $2B annually to over $3B annually, and their sales force grew by nearly 50% as well.

Per Ware, WestCMR continues communicating with John Schmieding, Arthrex’s in-house counsel, looking for ways for our two industry leading organizations to work together to further the growth of both companies and serve the Healthcare community.  We remain optimistic of the possibilities!