Meet the WestCMR Team: Jeff Griffith

Let’s take a moment to appreciate one outstanding member of our WestCMR team who has been a key part of our company’s success for almost a decade. This individual is not only passionate about supporting their colleagues but also known for their love of spicy flavors. Any guesses?

Meet Jeff Griffith, our dedicated business coordinator at WestCMR. Jeff wears many hats and plays a crucial role in assisting the acquisition team with important paperwork, generating reports, overseeing payments, and much more. His ability to adapt to different tasks with grace and passion sets him apart, and his commitment shines through in everything he does.

Jeff’s journey with WestCMR began after managing a go-kart place for five years. Seeking a more stable environment and better hours, he found his perfect fit here. Over the past eight years, Jeff has become an essential part of our team, supporting acquisitions and contributing to our company’s growth. His dedication, willingness to go the extra mile, and hard work make him truly invaluable.

Before WestCMR cleaned the trail..
Jeff cleaning up the trail!
After the clean up, WestCMR planted trees!

In addition to his professional contributions, Jeff joined his team in a community cleanup project along the Pinellas Trail, showcasing our commitment to giving back and making a positive impact outside the office.

When asked about succeeding at WestCMR, Jeff shared these wise words: “To succeed at WestCMR, you must work hard, give it your all, do more than the minimum, and avoid coasting. The more you give to the company, the more you’ll get.”

Beyond work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, two dogs, and cat, tackling home improvement projects, and trying new things. Whether it’s building, gardening, or experimenting with spicy peppers, he always approaches tasks with enthusiasm and creativity.

Jeff’s determination, helpfulness, and practical skills make him an invaluable asset at WestCMR. His passion for empowering others to reach their goals perfectly aligns with our company’s values. Jeff’s emphasis on hard work, going above and beyond, and continuous improvement serves as an inspiration to everyone around him. We are truly grateful for having Jeff as part of our team!

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