Celebrating Rob Law’s Well-Deserved Retirement!

On March 29th, Rob Law retired after an impressive 10 year journey with us. In WestCMR fashion, his departure was nothing short of memorable. Picture this: it’s just another day at the office, or so Rob thought. With only 15 minutes left on the clock before he officially became a retiree, little did he know that a heartwarming surprise was in store for him. As Rob was making his way out, he was greeted by an unexpected sight – the entire WestCMR team gathered in the lobby, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

But the surprises didn’t stop there- our CEO, Randy Ware, wheeled him out in a wheelchair, accompanied by our HR director who presented him with a retirement gift basket filled with everything Rob would need to keep busy during his retirement.

Rob delivered a speech that expressed his gratitude for the opportunities and memories he’d made during his time at WestCMR. “Look around, what’s in front of you is exceptional. Randy is a great boss, and I have loved my time here. I have had a lot of jobs, but trust me when I say this has been my favorite one,” says Rob as he was speaking to the remaining WestCMR team members.

AGAIN, it wouldn’t be a proper goodbye without sending Rob off in style (despite the wheelchair exit previously). After our team said goodbye, a van was outside that was ready to transport Rob and the men of our extended leadership team to an Orlando Magic basketball game. Spending more time with his teammates who had turned into family was the perfect way to end Rob’s WestCMR career.

We can’t help but reflect on the impact he’s had on each and every one of us. To his teammates, Rob is more than just a colleague – he’s a source of wisdom and endless laughter.

As we say goodbye, let’s celebrate not only the remarkable hard worker he is, but also the incredible person he’ll always be. Congratulations, Rob, on your retirement. Your presence will be deeply missed at WestCMR, but your legacy will live on!