Celebrating our 2020 wins

January is historically a celebratory month for West Coast Medical Resources. Every year, we hold our January Annual Meeting (JAM), which is an event everyone looks forward to. The presentation aims to introduce the goals for the new year, as well as celebrate the accomplishments of the last 12 months. This year, due to the peak in COVID cases across the nation, we unfortunately had to cancel the in-person celebration. Not to worry, as our CEO was still able to recognize our 2020 key players with awards last week.

For years, WestCMR has been awarding its team members with two types of trophies: the Westies, which resemble Oscar statues, to those who embody our company values the most; and the Eagles, large and impressive bronze-like pieces, to those who went above and beyond in their roles, which enabled the entire company to succeed.

Everyone is involved in the nominating process: the Westies are peer awards, and as such, rely on nominations from all team members. The Eagles are leadership awards, and while they are fully in our CEO’s hands, they are based on input from the Extended Leadership team.

Without further ado, please join us in congratulating our award winners for 2020:


  • Respect: Jeff Hamlett and John Ruppel
  • Initiative: Kassandra Martin and Tyler Findlay
  • Gratitude: Ellie Yawn and Angel Vazquez
  • Honesty: Michael Mahoney and John Ruppel
  • Teamwork: DJ Byers and Tom McPherson


  • MVP – Sales: Anthony Leandri, Joshua Golden and Shaoyi “Mickey” Hung
  • Rookie of the Year: Jessica Singh and Victoria Baraldi
  • Impact Player: Rick Austin and John Ruppel
  • Comeback Player: Marina Matveeva and Melissa Wilson
  • MVP – Support Team: Nicole Misener and Tom McPherson
  • Unsung Hero: Danielle Drayer and DJ Byers
  • MVP – Acquisitions: Mya Boyle, Barrett LaVielle and Richard Blanchard

Here is to an amazing 2021!