Meet The Team: John Anderson

At WestCMR, we firmly believe in our Founder and CEO Randy Ware’s mantra: “Business is about connecting with people, not just firms.” That’s why we prioritize our team, offering competitive compensation and unmatched benefits. In recognition of their dedication, we celebrate one outstanding employee each month, inspiring others to strive for excellence alongside these exceptional individuals. After all, it’s the people who truly make our company shine.

At WestCMR, each team member plays a pivotal role in realizing our objectives. Every month, we take a moment to recognize individuals who go above and beyond. For April, we would love to give John Anderson the spotlight for killing it time and time again!

Before WestCMR, he spent 20+ years in the fast-paced printing industry as the senior pressman. In just 2 short years, John has become an indispensable member of the acquisitions team. He loves working with his coworkers and providing solutions to his customers.

John’s role at WestCMR is to purchase surplus inventory from hospitals and surgery centers and redistribute it to other facilities. He spends his time building relationships with the customers while also spending time with his other hardworking coworkers. Outside of office hours John enjoys metal detecting, which brings him both peace and excitement. John mentions a touching story about one morning while detecting he found a mother and son pendant washing up to shore. This gave him the calming feeling that his recently passed mother was there, supporting him. When John isn’t working or focusing on his hobbies, he is spending time with his beautiful 2 daughters. His oldest daughter is 9 years old, while the youngest is just 3 years old.

When John thinks about his favorite memories at WestCMR, he says “The one that sticks out to me is winning the Westies award for respect 2 years in a row! Knowing my peers think of me in that way and knowing I have that kind of impact makes me feel wonderful”.

Admiring his mentor, Richard Blanchard, John draws inspiration from Richard’s extensive industry knowledge. This mentorship has propelled John to new professional heights within our organization.

John Anderson is truly remarkable. His strong work ethic, unwavering values, and unique pastimes enrich WestCMR. We take pride in working alongside John and eagerly anticipate his ongoing impact. Cheers to John!

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