WestCMR Donates Extra Hurricane Supplies to a Local Food Shelter!

Randy Ware, the CEO of WestCMR, places a high priority on giving back to both the community and his team. Despite the fortunate location of WestCMR in sunny Florida, the company recognizes the importance of being prepared for the state’s hurricane season. Randy has taken the initiative to stock the property with hurricane survival essentials such as generators, water, and food. This has helped many team members and their families throughout the years, yet what happens when the season is over? Rather than allowing food to go unused in the warehouse, WestCMR has a history of donating extra supplies to those in need, a tradition upheld this year as well.

With extra hurricane supplies such as 35 cases of Nestle Pure Life Water (all 48 packs of 16.9 oz. bottles) and 12 cases of Jif Peanut Butter Ready to Serve, the next step was to find a local food shelter to donate to. When researching St. Vincent de Paul Community Kitchen and Resource Center, we appreciated their empathy as reflected in their website statement:

“Born into poverty, a few bad decisions, a job loss or furlough, a family torn apart, the death of a breadwinner, a substance abuse problem or mental illness or unexpected expenses.

Regardless of their journey, they arrive daily at St. Vincent de Paul Community Kitchen and

Resource Center. They come for nourishment, for solace, for hope, for human dignity and, perhaps…for a second chance”

After reaching out to the facility, a donation plan was established, and WestCMR loaded up their truck for delivery. The staff at St. Vincent de Paul expressed gratitude, and WestCMR looks forward to continuing their contributions to this worthy cause. If you want to learn more and/or donate to St. Vincent de Paul Community Kitchen and Resource Center, click here.

“Beneath our sunny skies, some of our neighbors face dark days”