Empowering Moments: WestCMR Ladies at the LPGA Women’s Leadership Summit

On November 7, 2023, 10 WestCMR female members participated in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Women’s Leadership Summit, creating enduring memories. The event featured inspiring speakers and a special presentation by Annika Sorenstam on her remarkable journey as a professional female athlete.

The LPGA Women’s Leadership Summit offered an array of motivational speakers, each sharing their own unique perspective on what it means to succeed as a woman in the professional world. These speakers provided invaluable insights, leaving attendees feeling motivated and empowered to take on new challenges.

In a world where empowerment, inspiration, and camaraderie come together, the recent journey of 10 incredible women from WestCMR to the LPGA Women’s Leadership Summit was nothing short of remarkable. Their day was not just about golf but about shaping their futures and making memories that will endure a lifetime.

Events like these instill confidence in women from all corners of the globe, empowering them to pursue any goal they choose.