Meet The WestCMR Team: Kimberleigh Bickford

As our Founder and CEO, Randy Ware likes to say, “People do business with people, not companies.” At WestCMR, we put a strong emphasis on our team through our competitive compensation and unparalleled benefits, but also events scheduled by our Employee Experience committee. In hopes you’ll get to know them as well as we do, we have put together this brand new series of short spotlight blogs.

WestCMR values each employee and truly believes they are the heart and soul of the company. Every new month brings a new WestCMR employee to spotlight and for September we have Kimberleigh Bickford.

She was born and raised in Oklahoma and moved to Florida 6 years ago. It is impossible to imagine WestCMR without Kimberleigh, even though she has only worked here for a little over a year. Kimberleigh always has a smile on her face and is a positive light in each room she enters. A day in the life of Kimberleigh would consist of inputting invoices, making payments, entering/matching POs, and running payments. Every day is different at WestCMR and that is what makes each day exciting!

Her role at WestCMR is Accounts Payable Specialist but before she was putting smiles on our face here, she was working as the Director of Human Resources for Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is known for their positive attitude, so she fit right in. WestCMR caught her eye when she saw our mural outside our building. The mantra says “We all leave a footprint, and it matters” and reading that Kimberleigh knew she’d fit right in. She enjoys the heart behind WestCMR. “I have NEVER worked at a business that shows so much care and commitment to each individual team member. You are not just another number, you are a part of a family here” says Bickford. Her biggest influence is Jesus, so placed her here for a purpose and a plan. If she had to choose another influence it would be her husband of 24 years, who is her biggest cheerleader and best friend.

When asked her favorite memory at WestCMR so far, there was no hesitation on Bickford’s answer. “One of the most memorable projects that I have worked on just happened recently with taking VTO and working with the team at Random Acts of Flowers.  Philanthropy makes such a huge impact on the community.” For those of you who don’t know, each team member at WestCMR is given 2 VTO (Volunteer Time Off) each year. This means that you can choose the charity of your choice and instead of going into the office that day, you would volunteer in your area.

Kimberleigh’s aspirations at WestCMR are clear: she aims to learn from the best and strive for excellence in her role. She also desires to foster a culture of love and appreciation among the team members, recognizing their dedication and hard work.

As a final note, Kimberleigh shares some valuable advice for her colleagues and anyone aspiring to join the industry or our company. She believes in the power of a smile and taking the time to show people that you care. This simple act can make a significant difference, not only in others’ lives but in one’s own as well. Kimberleigh is proud to be part of a team that embodies these principles.

Kimberleigh Bickford is a shining example of the exceptional individuals who make WestCMR a remarkable place to work. Her commitment to her role, her colleagues, and the community truly embody the spirit of our company. We are fortunate to have Kimberleigh as a part of our WestCMR family, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth and contributions in the years to come.

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