Employee Spotlight: Shaoyi “Mickey” Hung, Sales Manager

employee spotlight

What is your position at WestCMR?

Sales Manager for West Team

How long have you worked at WestCMR?

5 years and 3 months

Alma Mater?

Schiller International University

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Meticulous – Tenacious – Enthusiastic 

Name one thing on your bucket list.

To visit my hometown in Taiwan with my family.

Here are a few fun facts about Mickey:

  • He is a sneaker enthusiast
  • He loves Sci-Fi movies
  • He loves technology

What do you believe sets WestCMR apart?

WestCMR is very passionate about what we do and who we are in the industry; from top to bottom, we all want to do right for our customers and make a positive impact in the industry. We don’t stop at good; we work to be the BEST!

What Mickey’s team says about him: 

 “He is always willing to step in and help and will do it with a smile. Mickey is very knowledgeable and is always sharing information with our team members, so they become more educated.”  – Pri Naik


“Mickey is the first person to offer help and give advice. He is encouraging and pushes us to do our best.” – Josh Golden


“Mickey has played a large role in our team’s professional development. We are so thankful to have him.” – Andy Mahoney