The Value of Lean Six Sigma

lean six sigma

What is Lean Manufacturing? What is Six Sigma and how can the two combined benefit your company?

Lean Manufacturing is a systematic method to minimize waste within a manufacturing system without jeopardizing productivity.

Six Sigma is a group of management techniques used to improve business processes by significantly reducing the probability that error of defect will occur.

The two combined equals a methodology that is dependent on a collaborative team effort to improve waste and probability of error systematically without effecting productivity.

WestCMR felt this was an important investment to the business. The Company sent a team through Lean Six Sigma training, which is so valuable to anyone who has an integral role in Operations or Sales.

Lean Six Sigma has given us the knowledge to use the DMAIC process:

Define – Define a project

Measure – Measure the process through data collection and process reviews

Analyze – Analyze the data utilizing statistical tools

Improve – Improve the process by creating effective solutions

Control – Control to ensure the process continues to meet its output objectives

With this knowledge, we better understand “wastes” and can help different teams identify them and work together to find an efficient solution to improve in these areas.

Wastes are defined as:

lean six sigma wastes

Lean Six Sigma training has benefited our company, and we encourage others to take this course if they have an interest in improving efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously reducing waste within their organization.