Research the Healthcare companies you align your organization with for any product or service…

If you are in materials management and are responsible for buying/selling hospital supplies, this may appeal to you.

With the power of the internet exploding over the past decade (or more), we’ve all been bombarded with information at a pace that is truly coming at a speed that is extremely difficult to process.

Every week there seems to be a new company or sales rep from some sleek and creative company with a pretty website trying to influence you to jump ship from the tried-and-true companies you’ve been aligned with for years.  You know the emails … “We pay more!!  We sell for less!!  We can do better!!”

Regardless of how busy you are, I encourage you or someone on your team to do adequate research before you abandon the providers who have worked so hard to earn your respect and trust, and have delivered consistent products and services that the new vendor boasts they can replicate.  Ask yourself and these new “players” just a few questions:

1.  How transparent are they with respect to who owns their company?  Will / can they provide credible references?  Are they public or privately held?  What are their annual revenues?  How long have they been in business?

…… 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10% …. Forbes, Jan 16, 2015

2.  Does their website educate you on their key players?  Or is their just a “contact us” button?  If it’s the latter, tap the brakes … this could just be a shell website with no real brick and mortar operation.

3.  What is the organization’s stance on the Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility?   Does it mirror your organization’s views?

4.  Do they have a business domain for their email?  Or are they using a platform like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo?

Nothing replaces Loyalty, Integrity and Trust in a personal or professional setting.  Here’s to all of us making informed and solid decisions on who we align our organizations with in 2016.

We all leave a footprint … and it matters.

Randy Ware Founder and CEO West Coast Medical Resources, LLC Providing responsible asset recovery in healthcare since 1997.