Keep Celebrating Supply Chain Professionals After National Health Care Supply Chain Week

CLEARWATER, Fla., October 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — WestCMR, the world’s leading healthcare industry surplus surgical supply company, is proud to celebrate supply chain professionals, during National Health Care Supply Chain Week (SC Week) October 6-12, for the important role they play in today’s rapidly changing sustainable health care environment by liquidating excess waste instead of discarding it to landfills.

Join WestCMR in thanking supply chain professionals for their hard work and strategic value, which ensure that health care delivery organizations thrive in today’s health care landscape. Collaboration between providers and suppliers in the health care supply chain lowers costs & improves the overall quality of patient care. WestCMR empowers supply chain professionals to improve their sustainable procurement practices by paying hospitals and surgery centers to liquidate excess waste, and free up funds to purchase top brand in-date products at deep discounts.

To incentivize more hospitals and surgery centers to perform sustainable practices year-round
WestCMR is offering supply chain professionals 10% off supply orders! — SUPPLYCHAIN10.

By collaborating with its supply chain customers, WestCMR is committed to doing things the right way with a goal of becoming a “Zero Landfill Company” by late 2019. To help fulfill this mission, a customer base of over 1200 materials managers, 1000s of hospitals, 400 acute care facilities and ASCs relies on WestCMR to liquidate and redistribute their excess surgical supply waste every day.

Year-round since 1997, the WestCMR movement has reduced surgical supply waste, with the help of its supply chain customers throughout the U.S. and 62 countries. On the last day of National Health Care Supply Chain Week, instead of ending momentum today, WestCMR invites the industry to join its movement by performing sustainable practices all year long.

AHRMM’s magazine Supply Chain Strategies and Solutions featured thought leader and WestCMR CEO, Randy Ware, in the October issue Turning Surgical Supply Waste into Green Profits.

  • When Randy Ware founded WestCMR in 1997, he noticed hospitals had no way to liquidate waste, except to discard it to landfills.
  • To help them recoup money by paying them to liquidate their excess waste, and free up funds to purchase top brand in-date products at deep discounts, Ware was the first to create a sustainable marketplace where hospitals and surgery centers could put their unused surgical supplies to good use.
  • Since then, WestCMR is renowned as the industry leader that changed how healthcare thinks about excess surgical supplies.

In society, most of us are unaware of how wasteful we have become in our own personal lives, and even in the medical industry. In fact, 10-20% of devices and supplies purchased by hospitals and surgical centers never get used. Most of that percentage ends up in landfills. We are proud to help our customers reduce waste, as we collaborate to leave a positive footprint on the world.
Randy Ware, WestCMR – Founder and CEO

Sponsored by the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), SC Week provides an opportunity to recognize the integral role supply chain professionals play in delivering high-quality patient care throughout the health care field.

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About WestCMR, LLC.
The industry leader for 22 years, WestCMR helps supply chain professionals buy, sell and liquidate in-date surgical supplies. Hospitals and surgery centers need outlets for distressed inventory from switching OEMs, budget cuts, surgeon preference changes, and returns. By purchasing surplus inventory, redistributing products to facilities at a discount, in the exact quantity needed, WestCMR is the supply chain professionals’ sustainable surgical solution. The WestCMR Global family includes WestCMR, LLC, GeoSurgical, and Ware Consulting.

The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association has been the leading membership group for health care supply chain professionals since 1951. AHRMM is the go-to resource that provides its 4,300 members around the world with the education, leadership and advocacy necessary to remain at the top of their field. AHRMM is proudly advancing health care through supply chain excellence.

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