WestCMR Philanthropy Update

philanthropy update

Written by Melanie McGrade and Cassie Pilawski

Pinellas Trail clean up event
Pinellas Trail Clean Up

50 legs charity
50 Legs

Disco Inferno charity event
Disco Inferno

Thanksgiving food drive
Thanksgiving Food Drive
WestCMR’s philanthropic hand has remained busy throughout the second half of 2017, from cleaning up a designated area of the Pinellas Trail, to supporting local families with a Thanksgiving Food Drive. WestCMR continues to serve their community.

Our dedicated team members continue to humble our committee by submitting new philanthropy requests each month, allowing WestCMR to give back in new ways.

In an effort to reduce WestCMR’s carbon footprint, the Philanthropy Committee unveiled a recycling program, giving each employee his or her own recycling bin! In addition to this, employees also went out and volunteered in WestCMR’s bi-annual Pinellas Trail Clean-Up – an event where a small group goes out and cleans up a mile stretch of trail in our local community that has been adopted by WestCMR.

In October, WestCMR sponsored a local charity called Steve Chamberland’s 50 Legs. This is an organization that provides prosthetic legs to children, adults, and military who wish to live an active lifestyle. Our company was able to donate enough money to provide one full prosthetic leg for an individual in hopes to provide them a happier, healthier life.

Representatives from our company also took part in the Disco Inferno event for another local organization called Random Acts of Flowers. This organization delivers recycled flowers to individuals who are undergoing care in different health care facilities to improve their emotional health. All proceeds from this event went directly towards Random Acts of Flowers to support their deliveries in any ways needed.

For Thanksgiving, WestCMR’s Philanthropy committee made a donation to support the Belleair Recreation Center. This donation included all of the classic Thanksgiving fixins’ like sweet potatoes, green beans and stuffing! The Bellair Recreation Center supports Clearwater families during this time of year by providing homes with all the food necessary for a great Thanksgiving dinner.

Also, this holiday season, our company has set a goal to provide three dreams, for three different children, within The Children’s Dream Fund. The WestCMR team is participating in an internal event, that we have done in the past, called “Dress Down for a Cause”. This allows our team to come to work in casual or athletic attire for either a week, a month, or the remainder of the year for a small donation. We are also working diligently to reach out to our personal connections to help provide awareness of this organization and to help The Children’s Dream fund build their network of support. With this year coming to an end we are excited to see where our fundraising efforts take us and look forward to what 2018 has in store for us and our philanthropic efforts!