GeoSurgical at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) Surgery Summit

GeoSurgical at ACVS

GeoSurgical has attended multiple conferences and trade shows such as Medica in Germany, Arab Health in Dubai, and FIME in Florida. The list of trade shows continues to grow as GeoSurgical recently had the opportunity of exhibiting at the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) Surgery Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana. The ACVS features seminars and vendors focused on all areas of patient care from diagnosis, pain management, anesthesia to surgery, postoperative care, and rehabilitation.

Each attendee had the opportunity to discuss their clinic’s needs with us in detail. Our presence allowed us to demonstrate our wide array of surgical specialty products from over 120 manufacturers, as well as the superior customer service we provide. Our contract-free ability to order by the “each” or by the “box” with multiple freight methods proved to be a very accommodating feature for the surgeons we met. Many veterinarians were impressed with the wide variety of products that were also provided at an average of 30-40% cost savings.

As an exhibitor, I personally found the conference to be very enlightening on the veterinary market and their specific needs and product interests. It was also a great experience as I got to meet many of our current and potential customers in person!