We’re Reducing Litter through the Adopt-a-Mile Program

Our passion for going green extends beyond our commitment to reducing surplus surgical supply waste. We love to keep our community beautiful and litter-free, too! That’s why we’re working with Keep Pinellas Beautiful and their Adopt-a-Mile Program!

About the Adopt-a-Mile program

The Pinellas County Adopt-a-Mile is a cooperative partnership between the public/private sector and the county. Through this program, individuals and groups can participate by “adopting” a one-mile section of county road. As part of the adoption, participants agree to perform at least four cleanups per year to remove litter and debris.

Road adoptions not only enhance the appearance of our roads; they help reduce litter and debris entering our waterways and polluting the natural habitats of our native wildlife.

How We’re Helping

WestCMR staffers conducted our first cleanup on December 19, 2016. We had 16 team members out there picking up litter and debris along our adopted mile behind WestCMR’s campus. Our plan is to hold a cleanup every other month.