Not Average, But Excellent

Excellent service does not simply come from a friendly transaction—it is the result of truly understanding your customer’s expectations and putting the right guidelines and service standards in place to exceed them. When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place and processes by putting the customer at its core, exceptional service becomes possible across customer touch points. This creates greater intent to return and recommend, as well as a stronger competitive edge. With more nearly 20 years of renowned customer service, no one understands this better than WestCMR.


See What our Customers are Saying About Us:


“Being a small surgery center, I love ordering from WestCMR because they carry items that you can purchase by the each versus a whole package that will sit on our shelf and expire.  Pricing is great, customer service is excellent, and their inventory has everything for all different specialties like ENT, GI, Ortho and Urology.  WestCMR has been very helpful for us in acquiring products and offering cost savings.”

Purchasing Director, NM


“In today’s industry, having an asset like WestCMR is the difference between staying within budget guidelines and still delivering high-quality care that are patients expect.  WestCMR has met and exceeded my needs and I would highly recommend that any materials manager utilize this company.”

Materials Manager, CO


“When I called WestCMR, the service I received was amazing – fast, secure, reliable, kind, and honest. We received everything we needed.  They have an awesome team!  They helped us avoid losing so much inventory and money. I know I will be working with WestCMR for a very long time.”

Director of Materials Management, UT


“West Coast Medical Resources is such a great resource for our stand-alone surgery center. They are quick to respond to requests and make every effort to find items for us at an affordable price. WestCMR is the first place I go to for quality and affordably-priced implants and disposables.”

Director of Materials, IL