WestCMR Named one of the 150 Best Places to Work in Healthcare (Again)

WestCMR Named one of the 150 Best Places to Work in Healthcare (Again)

By Randy Ware, President/CEO, West Coast Medical Resources, LLC, (WestCMR)

It’s good to know the company you work for has been deemed a winning company. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, WestCMR makes the coveted 150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare 2015 list for the second year in a row. How do we achieve industry accolades again and again?

There are a several unwavering commitments that resonate at WestCMR. A few that stand out are:

  • A commitment to a consistently great employee experience.
  • A commitment to volunteering and philanthropy.
  • A commitment to treating employees fairly regardless of personal characteristics.
  • A commitment to a favorable work environment.
  • A commitment to a caring, welcoming and friendly workplace.

Breeding Success

Because of our incredible team, WestCMR is able to meet industry challenges head-on and create a workplace where our employees trust leaders, have pride their work, and enjoy the people they work with, which is the definition of a great workplace.

As I look back on my early career, my mentor’s inspiration and support made me who I am today. They gave me the courage and the confidence to be a business owner. Our hard work has resulted in being able to attract employees far more effectively than our industry peers.

We outperform our peers in the market—year after year.  Our approach allows all of our employees to pursue greatness within WestCMR and throughout their professional development.

People before Product

While our business focus is on products and customer care, WestCMR first and foremost is a company built around people. From our team, to our clients and customers, to the patients who benefit from the surgical supplies we help manage, our first priority is always people at every stage of our enterprise.

More about Becker’s:

Becker’s Hospital Review list was developed through a combination of nominations and editorial research. The organizations on this list were chosen for their benefits offerings, wellness programs, commitment to diversity and inclusion, professional development opportunities and environments that promote employee satisfaction and work-life balance. Many of these organizations have been recognized by national, state or local organizations for their workplace culture or employee satisfaction scores.

The 2015 list includes both healthcare providers — medical groups, ambulatory surgery centers, home health providers and hospitals and health systems — along with other types of healthcare-specific companies, such as consulting firms, technology providers, professional organizations and more.