Healthcare Executives Appreciation Week: serving our industry and communities

This week is Healthcare Executives Appreciation Week, and the perfect occasion to discuss how these professionals serve not only the healthcare industry, but the greater community.

Since the beginning of the pandemic especially, the entire world has been vocal about the vital role that frontline workers including doctors, nurses, technicians, and other specialized staff play in keeping us safe. It is quite rare to witness conversations about healthcare executives, on the contrary, because very few people truly understand the responsibilities these administrative professionals shoulder, and the challenges they are asked to overcome every day.

Whether they’re hiring technicians, fundraising for building expansion, or maintaining vendor relationships for supplies, healthcare executives act as leaders and managers within their organization. They balance business acumen with a dedication to quality of care. As the healthcare system grows more complex, with hospitals merging and technological innovations in healthcare provision, professionals need executives to help them understand how these changes impact the medical community, personnel, and patient care. Healthcare executives lead teams in preparing for these challenges, providing solutions to resolve them, all while continuing to provide care of increasing quality.

We are thankful for healthcare executives who embrace technology and innovation as a practice. They empower teams, like the ones we work directly with, to be “out of the box” thinkers on issues; they welcome partnerships with alternative service providers like WestCMR, because sustainability matters and benefits all hospitals stakeholders; they improve the operations of facilities that we all depend on and build resilient communities as a result.

Today, we are proud to celebrate them — happy Healthcare Executives appreciation week!