WestCMR Keeps Pinellas County Beautiful

WestCMR employees receive two paid “Volunteer Time Off” (VTO) days every calendar year, as part of our benefits and perks package. Last week, a group of team members spend their day volunteering with Keep Pinellas Beautiful. Here is what they shared about their experience:

“I was very happy to have signed up for the first beach clean‐up in my career with WestCMR. Our company partners with Keep Pinellas Beautiful to complete trail and beach cleanups multiple times a year. For this event, we headed to the Dunedin causeway to help make it shine. It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day for this to take place. It was a pleasure to work alongside Stephanie, Nate and Jenny —whom I don’t usually interact with during the work day— for a portion of the day. Together we managed to collect about two contractor bags full of loose trash and debris. We expected to find quite a bit more; it was good to see that the residents of Dunedin do their part to keep our beach areas as clean as possible. While it was a delight to enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery on this VTO, the best part was the multiple random passers-by who stopped to thank us for cleaning up. It truly feels good to give back and be an active part of our community.”

— Jaclyn Benwitt, Accounts Receivable Specialist.

“On Wednesday, March 22, Jenny, Nathan, Jackie and I did a beach clean-up for the community. We met up on the Dunedin Causeway at 8 a.m. and cleaned the area for a couple of hours. We came across some debris like bottle caps, cigarette butts, and broken styrofoam buoys. We also came across several friendly people, on their morning walks, that took the time to acknowledge us and thank us for helping their beach look beautiful. One car even pulled over to ask Jackie what we were doing; we explained our mission for the day and our company’s values. Our interlocutors gave us a large smile and a “thank you”, which brightened the already gorgeous day and made us all feel proud to work for a company like WestCMR.”

— Stephanie Lugo, Strategic Accounts Representative.

“This past Wednesday, I participated in a beach clean-up at the Dunedin Causeway. It was me and three other teammates, and we collected all kinds of garbage, plastic waste, cigarette butts, etc. There were two indications that the residents (and visitors) of the area take their responsibility to keep it clean seriously: 1) there really wasn’t a lot of debris on the beach, and 2) we came across a couple of people on their daily walk who took the time to thank us for volunteering.”

— Jenny Gonzalez, Strategic Accounts Representative

At WestCMR, we are proud to serve our community in more ways than one: giving money, when and where we can, as well as giving time. If you are interested in joining a company who truly cares, check out our open positions at www.westcmr.com/careers