JAMming out: it’s 2023!

Last month, we hosted the return of our annual JAM. The acronym stands for January Annual Meeting, an event we haven’t been able to host in person for the last two years because of the pandemic. We were all very excited for its return…

JAM is an opportunity for the entire team to be in a room together at once, which doesn’t happen often. The meeting allows leadership to share relevant information, such as successes from the past year and goals for the year ahead. Everyone on the team is also encouraged to ask questions on topics such as our performance targets, benefits, programs and more.

The highlight of JAM is the awards that are given out: our Westies, which serve as a peer-to peer recognition of our 5 core values, and our Eagles, which are awarded to outstanding team members by our founder and CEO.

Please join us in congratulating our winners:


  • John Anderson – Respect
  • Jessica Singh – Initiative
  • Jordon Litowchak – Initiative
  • Kimberleigh Bickford – Gratitude
  • Christina Gross – Gratitude
  • Samantha Castaneda – Honesty
  • Al Rivera – Honesty
  • Dylan Berlin – Teamwork
  • Pablo Ochoa – Teamwork


  • Christina Gross – Comeback Player
  • Aidan Francis – Impact Player
  • Emily Smith – Impact Player
  • Samantha Castaneda – Rookie of the Year
  • Jordon Litowchak – Rookie of the Year
  • Nicole Misener – Unsung Hero
  • Kimberleigh Bickford – Unsung Hero
  • Anthony Leandri – MVP, Sales
  • Rick Austin – MVP, Sales
  • Jessica Singh – MVP, Acquisitions
  • Al Rivera – MVP, Acquisitions
  • Camille Hebting – MVP, Support/Operations
  • David Berlin – MVP, Support/Operations