Spotlight on: Michael Mahoney

As our Founder and CEO, Randy Ware likes to say, “people do business with people, not companies.” At WestCMR, we put a strong emphasis on our team through our competitive compensation and unparalleled benefits, but also events scheduled by our Employee Experience committee. In hopes you’ll get to know them as well as we do, we have put together this brand new series of short spotlight blogs.

They say you can learn a lot about a person by the way they introduce themselves. Michael Mahoney describes himself as a father first and gushes about how scary and rewarding having a daughter is: “there’s nothing better,” he says proudly about his 8-month old.

Michael is a Strategic Accounts Representative for our Central Acquisitions Team, and he’s been with WestCMR for over a year now. He says that what sets us apart as a company is our people, so it makes sense to start our “A Company Built Around People” series with him.

“It’s nice to work for a company that cares about you, as a person, but also about the community. It’s nice how much we give back.” Michael especially enjoys our VTO program, in which each employee receives two fully paid days to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

Born and raised in Clearwater, he is a Florida man through and through. “I love to fish, to snorkel, anything water-related, really,” he says. On the weekends, he enjoys boat days and family dinners. While he wrestled in high school and enjoys watching hockey, he is not the “Monday Night Football on the couch kind of guy.”

At WestCMR, he is dedicated to working hard to provide for his family, which he accomplishes by creating long-lasting relationships with his customers. His director recognizes him as a huge cheerleader for the team, with a positive attitude that challenges the entire sales floor.

As a Strategic Accounts Representative, Michael helps Central Region facilities monetize their surplus surgical supplies. You can find his contact information here and connect with him on LinkedIn here.