You on Your Best Day

you on your best day training

Written by Deana Winkler and Rob Law

Recently, the WestCMR Leadership team had an opportunity to participate in a communication skills class with the very talented Michael Allosso. Michael Allosso is not only a professional director, actor, and choreographer, but also a master communications expert. He has been rated the top speaker for Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO enrichment organization.

Michael’s experience in theater has provided him the tools to coach CEOs, high-level executives, and sales teams for excellence in presentation and communication skills in their daily work environment. His presentation of “You on Your Best Day,” focused on helping each one of us be our best at any moment on any given day.

The hands-on presentation compared the preparation, performance, and role of an actor with that of a corporate executive. The WestCMR team identified ten characteristics of actors and compared those characteristics to those of a business executive.

It was an interactive training complete with role playing and even a bit of poking fun at each other. As leaders for such an innovative company, this presentation enhanced our awareness of how others perceive behaviors in and out of the workplace environment. It was enlightening and informative. The take away…simple. We all have a role to play, why not make it the performance of a lifetime?

Featured image source: Pixabay